Samstag, 12. Januar 2013

2013-Just another ordinary year?

2012.the best year of our lifes!
the past year we learned that school is not everything in life,we enjoyed a lot of time with our friends,with going party in bigger cities,we went shopping in cologne,we were in paris together.
We enjoyed making blog posts,saw many good singers (florence,the xx,mumford and sons,justice,wise guys and many gospel singers)henna went surfing and magarita made a city trip after her 18th birthday with someone very special,we celebrated many good birthdays in our hometown,meet nice people,fell in love and out of love,We came closer to our dreams(making music,ballett,sewing).We were also in Hamburg,Kiel and Berlin.We were on the stage.
We celebrated New Years Eve with wonderful people,the Christmas party of our hometown was also a highlight (like every year) and we decided to go to America together and spend one year there.With this decision we had a lot of problems and we met someone whos living in Canada and who would share his house with us,because there is no work and travel visa in America.

2013.Just another ordinary year?
No,not for us.This year we will hopefully finish school,visit some festivals,we will spent some time with our class in bulgaria or mallorca and  we will see a different part of the world.henna is going to turn eightteen,magarita nineteen,we are going to move to Canada/America,we will buy a car and explor the nature of north america.We are going to live together and hopefully we will find a job there and meet nice people,but i am pretty sure we will.

getting ready for a party.

enjoying lunch at mc donalds :)

at the sea.

mc donalds in the middle of the night