Samstag, 20. April 2013

what makes us happy?

do what makes you happy.we think nothing is more important than this don't have to regret anything,when you were happy in this situation,it was good and it was an experience.

when we ask ourself what makes us happy we can say that sometimes the little moments like hearing loud and good music or just eating ice cream can rise your mood.
clothes are not the most important things on earth.sometimes you just have to get out with your comfy shoes and your comfy hoody and just don't care about anything,but sometimes you have to put on your favourite ring or your favourite blouse to feel good.
the best thing is that you have to forget the people that makes you sad and just move on.

the best thing on earth are good friends who are there for you when you need them the most or even when you think you are the happiest person alive your friends and of course your family can make you even happier!

here is another outfit which made us very very happy!

magarita: shirt:nofx ,shorts:topshop,shoes:zara

henna:  shorts:h&m,shirt:selfmade,vest:zara