Dienstag, 29. Oktober 2013


Our beautiful house!

not many words today.we just want to say that we love our life here and we are enjoying every day of it.

Montag, 7. Oktober 2013

Roadtrip,Chicago and Toronto

Many things have changed since 1 month.

We had are roadtrip starting from Winnipeg and we wanted to go to Toronto.
We found out that the cheapest road is to go through the U.S so we pick a road through Minnepolis and Chicago.Chicago was really worth seeing.We spend one whole day there and just walked around the streets,to the harbour and of course the famous 'bean'

.Afterwards the went to a City called 'Coburg' we stayed there 2 days,because we had an opportunity to stay there for free and it was amazing to be there.

We lived in a house directly located by the ontario lake so you were able to hear the waves of the lake while you are sitting in the livingroom.We loved it there.

Afterwards we had a few days in Hostels and one night in our car parking at a walmart store,which was actually so close to the Niagara falls so we decided spontanious to go there the next day.

The following week we couchsurfed in a place which was located downtown Toronto.We had there the most relaxing days ,because they had a swimmingpool and a jacuzzi and it was so nice to be there.

After that we packed our Bag and moved in our own room.

We have many nice roommates.

Since 3 weeks we are working in a Waffle store which is very famous in Toronto and we get to know many different people and thats why we love working ,even though we have to work till 2 am or sometimes even longer,its so different from our lifes in Winnipeg.

Toronto is really an amazing city with lots of different people and everyone is so friendly and open-minded and the best thing is that everyone is really interested in your life and you can get to know people easier than in Germany.

So we hope that you like this post and that you will have a great week full of fun :D